Welcome to Scandinavian Benelli Club - For every Benelli Fan in Scandinavia!

Scandinavian Benelli Club's purpose, is to:

bring Benelli owners in Scandinavia and Finland together

inform about and arrange meetings for owners of Benelli motorcycles

inform about other Benelli clubs around the world, by the links in the linkpage

link to resellers of parts for Benelli

You don't have to own a Benelli to become a member, you just have to be very interested of Benelli bikes

Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and English is the official languages of the website

Important information that need to be read by all members and international contacts must be written in english

Most communication to the members are mainly by email

Web master is Stefan Hägglund, please contact him by email stefan@benelliclub.eu if you have any questions or want anything published.

Committee 2019

President: Dennis Ståhlberg - dennis@benelliclub.eu

vice President and Club Master: Christer Nilsson - christer@benelliclub.eu

Secretary - Tommy Jakobsson - tommy@benelliclub.eu 

Treasurer: Erik Ståhlberg - erik@benelliclub.eu

Deputy: Tomas Johansson - tomas@benelliclub.eu

Webmaster: Stefan Hägglund - stefan@benelliclub.eu

Benelli friends

Insurance (Sweden)

MHRF - www.mhrf.se

Spareparts in Europe

Detlef Burian - www.benelliparts.de

Benelli-Bauer - www.benelli-bauer.com

Benelli clubs

Netherlands - http://www.benelli.nl/

Italy - http://www.officinebenelli.it/

France - http://www.benelliforumfrance.com/c16-benelli-club-de-france

Great Britain - http://www.benelliclubgb.net/

Links to company that sell parts, workshops and to other Benelli clubs








Maniac Motors in Nürnberg - http://www.maniacmotors.de/

They can help you with parts and service for all Benellis from year 2000.